Who we are and what we aim to do

Southern California Caregiving Services, Inc.


Southern California Caregiving came about when a group of experienced, empathetic and sensitive individuals who are caregivers by profession, decided to put up a Company that aims to bring up a generation of compassionate caregivers and provide inexpensive caregiving to their clients in order to make caregiving accessible to most of the elderly who are in need in Southern California. They desire to give clients adequate amount of independence while properly assisting them in doing important daily activities.

They see caring for the elderly as God’s calling for them, and they take this mission and responsibility to heart. They feel that it is very important to employ caregivers who treat people with respect and love, and those who have servant-hearts and consider trustworthiness and reliability as significant parts of their character.

Ultimately, it is the Company’s goal to be of service to their clients and keep them safe and comfortable inside their home. They closely partner with the client’s respective medical professionals as well as their family members. They consider each client’s specific preferences and incorporate these needs into the level of care that they provide.