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Fathers give a different kind of caregiving

Fathers give a different kind of caregiving

Fathers have been known to be dependable and strong, while children may intuitively turn to their mothers for nurturing. We turn to our fathers to help fix the leaks in the tubes, change the bulbs, or put up our new furniture. Our fathers are a picture of strength.

But over time, we have seen how more and more fathers have taken up the mantle of caregiving in the family.

Indeed, fathers can be nurturing too. Take for example Darelle Cortez, a proud father to three sons and a caregiver of Southern California Caregiving for nearly two years now.

Darelle Cortez, father and one Southern California Caregiving’s most trusted caregivers

Being a father played the biggest role in doing my job basically because I know how to show genuine care and love for the people around me,” he said.

A loving father to Dhann Aiden, Dareen, and Dylan, Cortez has done it all from cooking their breakfast, feeding the kids, to even changing their diapers. He has learned how to be attuned to the needs of children who cannot express themselves fully to take care of them.

“Our clients are the most important people in this industry, so caring for them in all possible ways is significant. Knowing these things are helpful if you chose to be a caregiver,” he added.

Cortez adores his kids whose hugs and kisses could wipe away the fatigue of a workday. “Being able to hear the words I love you from them is the best feeling,” he also said.

The 37-year-old father said these precious gifts from his sons help keep him going at work, even though he is away from them. This also made him appreciate these moments more. “My only wish for all the fathers is one thing and that is to be able to spend quality time with their loved ones specially the kids. This is the most precious thing a father could offer. Making time means creating memories that they could treasure for the rest of their lives,” he continued.

Darelle’s family in the Philippines

We can show our appreciation for our fathers by helping them stay healthy and live long, happy lives. We can do this by getting them to their medical check-ups and appointments: As we age, our health risks increase too. For fathers, especially when they are aging, early detection of critical illnesses is key for longer life. These health check-ups can also include vaccinations that can keep other illnesses at bay.

Along with increased health risks, aging also comes with slower metabolic rate. We can help our dads counter this by encouraging them to eat healthier food, like opting for protein-rich food to help them build their body.

Meanwhile, sleep helps our body replenish our energy levels. Urging our dads to adopt a better sleep schedule can help them to power through the next day. We can also ensure better quality of sleep by creating a peaceful environment in the bedroom while also putting gadgets away once you hit the bed. 

Physical activities benefit our body greatly: From improving our breathing, building body mass to reducing risks of some health concerns. May it be walking or cycling, make sure to get your dads to incorporate exercises in their daily routine.

Just as our fathers took the best care of us when we were younger, it is important that we make sure that as they age, they are getting a special kind of caregiving that is the same as a family would give. Get them this quality of care from Southern California Caregiving by inquiring here.