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We have a true passion and deep commitment in helping people better understand the mental health and emotional challenges of their lives.

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We’re proud to represent the interests of our membership of over a half million people whose lives have been touched by a mental health concern.


Decreasing Anxiety

For anxiety disorder, the majority respond well to two types of treatment: psychotherapy, or “talk therapy,” and medications.


Easing Depression

Here in Healsoul, being with others dealing with depression can go a long way in reducing your sense of isolation.


Improving Self-esteem

We help you to do things that raise your self-esteem for a better feel about yourself and improve the quality of your life.


Spiritual Exploration

Our understanding of spirituality carries great influence. So one of the most significant journeys is the exploration of it.

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Our professional & warm-hearted doctors

We are proud to play a part in helping you live your best life. Our experienced team is committed to creating content you can count on along the way.
Jeff V.

This agency is awesome. I don’t normally write reviews on Yelp but this Agency deserves great feedback. Maribeth, Jerome, Mary and all the agency staff that we constantly meet were very helpful and polite. Every regular visit at my grandmother’s home in PV, she tells me nothing but kind words towards her caregivers.

Sue S.

This agency is true to its mission in providing care, a comfortable and supportive environment to your love ones whose health is compromised. They are very attentive to the special needs of their clients and the caregivers are genuinely compassionate to their patient as they treated them as their own family. I can highly recommend this agency for they prioritized the welfare and well being for the individuals who needs care.

Vinny L.

Every time my friends and relatives need home care, I always recommend our very dear SoCal Caregivers. They are based in the South Bay but they are able to provide service Los Angeles and Orange Counties, just like to my father who lives in Irvine. SoCal Caregiving office staff are very professional, warm, and quick when it comes to responding to concerns and schedule adjustments. Mary and Maribeth are able to attend to our concerns at all times.

Samantha G.

I am so grateful for all of the help So Cal Caregiving Services has given my family. My Dad was recently released from the hospital and we needed help urgently because he is now completely bedridden. The discharge date was touch and go due to his condition but So Cal Caregiving went above and beyond to be completely accommodating for our quickly changing needs. We were able to get a caregiver within hours of the same day he was released. The caregivers we were matched with are kind, patient, professional and capable. Thank you to Maribeth, Rey, and JR for all of your help during such a stressful life event.

Sylvia M.

Southern California Caregiving gave my mother excellent care this summer. All of the caregivers were wonderful and some went above and beyond. Even the Hospice doctor said to me how impressed she was with the expertise of the caregiver. I truly believe that the caregivers made the last few weeks of my mother’s life much more pleasant and I appreciated their knowledge and assistance during a very difficult time. In addition, Maribeth was very flexible and accommodating to changes in scheduling as my mother’s condition worsened. I would highly recommend Southern California Caregiving to friends and family.

Stan D.

In terms of personal care–the more intensive form of non-medical home care–I chose Southern California Caregiving Services (SoCal Caregiving) for this honor. This company’s emphasis on rigorous screening of employees and careful matching of clients with caregivers–combined with a record of employee satisfaction–boost the chances that seniors will be able to rely on this agency for personal care over the long haul… Great Administrator and Staff!

Elizabeth M.

When considering referring my family and friends for excellent and compassionate care, Southern California Caregiving is my choice. Their administrative staff are friendly, efficient and conscientious. They respond to your needs right away without hesitation.
Their caregivers are well trained, educated and compassionate. Caregivers are certified in CPR, First aid and underwent INITIAL CAREGIVING TRAINING and Continuing Education Units which is mandated by ASSEMBLY BILL 1217 /CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH.  You can definitely trust this agency with your loved ones.

Christian E.

I was amazed by the quality of home care services they provided for my grandmother during her final days. My grandmother’s compassionate caretakers made sure she is comfortable at home and managed her pain through careful coordination with her hospice agency. Even the hospice nurses were amazed by our caretakers. It impressed me even more that this agency has 24/7 customer service. Their staffing personnel, Lottie and Ivy, were also very courteous and professional. Our family feels very blessed and happy with this SoCal Caregiving.

Thom V.

SoCal Caregiving definitely exceeded our family’s expectations as a Home Care Services provider in the Southbay area. They provide quick and very professional care service. The caregivers assigned to my family member were very caring and sympathetic. There were times that I would have requests in the wee hours of the evening and they would promptly respond to my concerns. I feel at peace to know that my family member is well taken care of. I would definitely recommend this care provider for those looking for quality and hands on care for their family.

Simple Process

How to Start Your Care ?

We have one mission—help you prioritize your mental health, discover the way your mind work and find balance of your life.
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Applicants can submit all health-related documents at our reception desk.
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We will conduct a thorough examination of client's health condition.
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Based on the checkup results, we'll give consultation on the needed action.
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If needed, patients will be provided with a detailed health scheme.


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