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Southern California Caregiving Services Joins Partnership Exhibits and Recruitment Events

Southern California Caregiving Services (SCC) marked significant milestones in May and June by participating in our first partnership exhibit and recruitment event. SCC is committed to providing exceptional services to our clients, ensuring they receive the best care from our dedicated and skilled staff. These events have opened up new opportunities for growth and expansion.

May: Partnership Exhibit in San Diego

On May 15, SCC participated in its first partnership exhibit in San Diego, where we interacted with colleagues and professionals from other private home care agencies. Our booth allowed us to connect with potential fiduciary partners and clients, showcasing our commitment to personal service by emphasizing that SCC calls are answered by a real person, 24/7, easing the worries of families. The event also featured fun games and giveaways, making our presence memorable.



The exhibit was invaluable for our management team as we learned about the latest trends in the senior caregiver services industry. This experience reinforced our dedication to providing top-quality services and highlighted the importance of effective communication with potential business and service partners. We are eager to apply the insights gained from this event to enhance our operations.

June: Philippine Independence Day Celebration



SCC takes pride in offering a distinct Filipino brand of private care for the elderly at home. Joining the Philippine Independence Day celebration in June was a proud moment for our company, marking another first for SCC. This event allowed us to introduce SCC to other industry workers and served as a recruitment opportunity for aspiring senior caregivers.

During the celebration, we shared what it’s like to work with SCC and the high standard of care we provide for senior family members. We also gained valuable insights from prospective caregivers on improving our operations. A highlight was seeing our staff visit our booth to show their support, while children enjoyed our fun games and treats. This event provided an opportunity to strengthen existing connections and forge new partnerships, making it a truly enriching experience for the SCC team.

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